The Romantic School of Music

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Nicolo Paganini

What Made Him Great


Some of the 'tricks' that he astonished his rival professionals with were achieved by altering the tuning of his violin in unconventional intervals, while fingering and bowing gymnastics were developed by him to heights previously unimagined. His ability to reach three octave chords have never been equaled while the double harmonics at pitches previously considered impossible and guitar effects with left-hand pizzicato allow him to play separate melodies and accompaniments at the same time; as though listening to an entire symphony.

His springing bow and arpeggios, in which the notes constituting a chord are not played together but in rapid succession, up and down, and give his music the famous effects of “diamonds being poured from a silk bag” and the “sweet sound of the nightingales” within the same phrase. “


The Lost Secrets


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